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The Museum generates a unique atmosphere with its wonderfully preserved and presented vehicles, and its showcases full of memorabilia and artifacts related to transport history.

HANDS-ON DISPLAYS, which are both informative & sometimes a challenge,are here to test one’s ingenuity or knowledge in solving logistical problems. While the young (and not so young too!) may climb into a real truck driver’s seat, get behind the steering wheel, and enjoy the thrills of our ‘Lorry Driving Experience’… following the route a real truck has made!

SPECIAL EVENTS take place both inside the Exhibition Hall and externally in the car parks. Internally they may include Craft Fairs, Collectors Fairs, Model Makers Exhibitions, and a Beer Festival. While outside in the car parks, events such as Spring and Autumn Transport Shows; The Great British Lorry Day; and The American Road Show are organised by the Museum Events Team.

A SPECIAL INVITATION is made to motoring societies and classic car clubs, to take advantage of our excellent facilities to hold their own events or gatherings. Good hard standing is available for more than a hundred vehicles. We will work with you to make your visit an enjoyable and memorable one!

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Our website now includes pages where you can view exhibitions, exhibit your own artwork, watch videos relating to the Museum and its activities, and download our family-friendly digital resources.

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