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​There’s always something enjoyable to see and to do. Interactive challenges and a lorry driving experience for children; films from the archives; workshops for school parties; collector and craft fairs; model maker shows; classic lorry and car events.

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The place to find a souvenir or present that’s just that bit different. We have carefully selected a range of themed products that you might not find elsewhere… and all reasonably priced.

Follow the Big Story of Big Vehicles

Follow the ‘Time Line’ of pictures around the walls. It traces the development of transport from the days of horse-drawn buses right up to today’s newly developing hybrid and electric vehicles. Each of the historic vehicles nearby will have a story to be told and touch-screen panels provide interesting information and interactive challenges for all age groups.

And there are other tales to be told too! Stories of how people lived and travelled in the days of horse-drawn buses; why drivers of steam lorries ended the day with their bodies covered in coal dust, grease and oil; what it was like for long distance drivers before the days of sleeper cabs.
‘Once upon a time…’ has many starting points. Come and listen to them.


Horses have pulled carts and carriages since time immemorial. Until the 1700’s journeys were made over little more than cattle tracks.

Steam Driven

Early steamers had cart type wheels, black smoke and the noise as they passed over cobbled streets warned of their approach.

Petrol / Diesel

Faster journey times were needed. Roads were improved. Lorries and buses started to carry bigger loads greater distance were traveled.

Hybrid / Electric

Not as new an idea as you might think. New technologies are helping to improve performance and the same time reduce harful exhaust emissions.


Our Archive Department holds comprehensive records dating far back to the 1890s. These include thousands of photographs, technical publications and engineering drawings which together provide a concise history of vehicle development by such famous names as Leyland, Albion, AEC, Maudslay, Thornycroft , and Scammell Lorries. At one time, all of them were major vehicle manufacturers in their own right. Examples of their vehicles are on display in the museum.

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Unlike many museums, we are self-funding & do not receive government support. Our museum is a Registered Charity and depends on its own efforts to maintain its sustainability. An enthusiastic team of volunteers, together with gratefully received donations and sponsorships, enable us to carry the museum’s important work forward.

We welcome your help in ALL aspects of the museum’s operations and invite you to drop us a line. Please use the enquiry forms provided.