From Days at School to.....?

Whatever our age we never stop learning, do we? In this wonderful motor museum we unfold stories of how pot-holed cart tracks were developed into a system of modern highways; how horse-drawn Stage Coaches evolved into Buses carrying multitudes of passengers; what it was like to get covered in oil and coal dust when driving a Foden Steam Lorry, and then to come home and immerse oneself in a tin bath in front of an open coal fire. The stories aren’t just about old vehicles!

There are of course, our schools and later life education to consider. Read on!
KS1 topics with curriculum links perhaps to subjects such as ‘Transport Through Time’, or ‘The Place Where We Live’, prove attractive for teachers to arrange self-guided visits. The museum is ideal for this and offers its unique learning environment. For a pre-visit planning discussion, give our Education Manager a call on 01772 451 011.

KS2 STEM based workshops have been developed and are deliveredat the Museum with a follow-up activity on returning to school. Each workshop takes about 2.5 hours. Subjects include:- ‘Forces, Movement and Power’, in which children build rubber-band powered vehicles to explore how applied forces can generate movement. ‘The Crash Test’, in which model vehicles and Pay-Doh dummies are used to simulate collisions.

Children investigate the effects on passengers when either wearing or not wearing seatbelts. ‘Spread the Load’ is an activity where pupils investigate imposed weight as a force. Children use a model lorry to investigate how it can be properly loaded so that the vehicle is safe to use’.

To book or for further information, please call Rob Pratten, Education Manager on 01772-451-011.

Primary & High School

We aim to capture the interest of younger children, and inspire older students to consider becoming part of the next generation of Britain’s budding designers, engineers and manufacturers.

College & Higher Education

Learn when supposedly ‘recent’ developments actually arose – there’s nothing new for example in the use of bio fuels, or even hybrid vehicles! The museum is an ideal place for those studying Motor Engineering or Motor Vehicle Maintenance, and provides a good background to the historical development of road vehicles powered by steam, petrol & diesel, right up to the latest hybrid and full electrically powered trucks. Organised visits by colleges are encouraged.

U3A (The University of the Third Age)

Come and relax. Enjoy learning (and perhaps remembering !) ‘how things used to be’! And there’s so much more to see and hear than you ever thought possible! Seeing is believing.

Family Workshops

A number of friendly and enjoyable Workshops have been developed in which young families are invited to participate. They comprise a number of activities which are very stimulating and designed to encourage children, with help from their parents, to think through problems and arrive at positive solutions.The ‘Balloon Powered Rocket Vehicle’ has proved very popular. Keep a check on what’s coming soon ‘!

Tiggi Tiger and Friends

Look what’s new from Tiggi Tiger and Friends!
Bring your family to the Museum and enjoy the ‘Tiggi Tiger and the Junkyard Jungle’ interactive museum tour, and have fun at home with Tiggi’s new online activities and stories in ‘Our Videos’ and ‘Digital Resources’.

The Tiggi Tiger Cub Family Activity Pack

The museum has produced a family activity pack which contains a variety of family-friendly games, museum hunts, art and design activities, and photo challenges. Good fun for the whole family!
Please ask for this pack at the Museum Reception. The pack is free to use, but should be returned to the Reception Desk after use.
Please note : Unfortunately the family activity pack has been temporarily suspended due to Covid-safety protocols, but meanwhile check out the new Tiggi museum tour, and Tiggi’s new online resources – see the links above.

What's New to our Website

Our website now includes pages where you can view exhibitions, exhibit your own artwork, watch videos relating to the Museum and its activities, and download our family-friendly digital resources.

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