The Archives

Our Archive Department holds comprehensive records dating far back to the 1890s. These include thousands of photographs, technical publications and engineering drawings which together provide a concise history of vehicle development by such famous names as Leyland, Albion, AEC, Maudslay, Thornycroft , and Scammell Lorries. At one time, all of them were major vehicle manufacturers in their own right. Examples of their vehicles are on display in the museum.

Many of the photographs are held on glass plates. Our archivists spend much time in restoring and repairing these before transferring them digitally to files where they can be stored and easily recovered when needed. Their work is important in preserving part of our national heritage. Vehicle restorers, publishers, and authors are among those who seek information and assistance for their projects. Private individuals too, who enjoy collecting photographs of old vehicles, can make online purchases. There are thousands to choose from! Visitors to the museum are invited to see archive work in progress. Please ask at the Reception Desk on arrival at the museum. For specific vehicle information, please send us your enquiries.


We hold many thousands of images on file from the early 1900’s, covering many subjects including, of course, vehicles of all types. Easily search your requirements, and place your order on-line. To do this, pick a subject below and select images/photos you require and add to your cart.

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