Latest News – 08/05/19 - The transformation of the museum has been hugely successful. The bright new entrance hall is a welcoming place which leads directly into either Emma’s Café, the Exhibition Hall or the Museum Shop. Beautifully preserved exhibits dating from the days of horse-drawn buses right up to modern day electric lorries are… Continue reading
Latest News – 05/01/2019 - The museum re-opens on Saturday 26th January following a long refurbishment programme which has seen major alterations taking place. The café has been re-sited to be closer to the museum entrance; the old cinema dismantled and replaced by a state of the art Conference Suite and a brand new Archives Department constructed within… Continue reading
Latest News – 02/12/2018 - We are moving closer to announcing a date for re-opening the museum. New interactive consoles and a specially designed Lorry Driving Simulator for children (and their elders !!??) are already installed. Historic steam driven vehicles, lorries, vans and buses are being moved into their show positions, ready for final cleaning… Continue reading
Latest News – 01/10/2018 - We are sorry to disappoint all those who have been waiting for an announcement of a confirmed re-opening date. The internal construction and fit-out of a new café, conference hall and Archive Dept. is taking longer than expected due to contractual issues. Already much has been completed and a brand new… Continue reading
Latest news – 12/08/2018 - Contractors working both inside and outside the museum are making good progress. The following pictures give an idea of repairs and alterations being made. Internally our Archives Dept. will be housed within new brightly lit offices. Provision is being made for visitors  to view how images on old glass plate photographs are digitised and then carefully restored. A new… Continue reading
Latest News – 30/07/2018 - It might seem to be a long time for a refurbishment to reach completion, but the amount of construction work both externally and internally is huge. Replacing the old leaking and uninsulated roof with a new one (now completed); re-siting and constructing a new café, shop and conference centre (all… Continue reading
Latest News – 12/04/2018 - The new roof is now virtually completely installed, together with insulation which previously never existed ! Demolition of what used to be the café and the cinema left a great pile of rubble (see photo) which was quickly cleared . . . leaving a huge empty floor space (see photo).… Continue reading
Latest News 17/03/2018 - Installing the new roof system has meant using exacting design details/procedures and employing skilled contractors using specialist equipment. See photos below. The museum is now a construction site for both internal and external structural modifications prior to heating and lighting engineers installing new systems, prior to exhibition design contractors fitting out a… Continue reading
Latest News – 12/02/2018 - Slowly we are making progress ! Although hampered by the weather, the building is now sheathed in scaffolding and we are about to have the old roof removed and a new one constructed. The new one will incorporate quality insulation materials to help conserve heat & improve comfort for our… Continue reading
Work on refurbishment has commenced! - Work on refurbishment has commenced! The interior display has been removed. Vehicle exhibits safely stored, with several now being on show in the Leyland Trucks factory assembly hall (see photographs below). PLEASE NOTE that viewing this display is restricted to trade delegations visiting the Leyland Trucks Ltd factory, and is… Continue reading