Latest News – 12/04/2018

The new roof is now virtually completely installed, together with insulation which previously never existed ! Demolition of what used to be the café and the cinema left a great pile of rubble (see photo) which was quickly cleared . . . leaving a huge empty floor space (see photo). This floor area will now become exhibition space.

Neither the café nor the cinema were ideally situated, being at the opposite end of the building to the museum entrance. The NEW café and NEW conference hall/cinema will be located near the front museum entrance, close to the newly designed shop.

The archives, which were previously ‘hidden away upstairs’ will now be located at the far end of the exhibition hall. Visitors will be able to see the extent of documents and historic photographs held, and watch as pictures seemingly damaged beyond use, are painstakingly restored. (You can see many of these restored photos by clicking on ‘Image Archives’ at the top of the page – various sizes are available for sale on-line).

We have had many email enquiries asking about the re-opening date of the museum.
It is not possible as yet to give a firm date, as so much work remains to be done. A new heating system will ensure that we will be able to open the museum throughout the year . . . those of you who have braved some really low temperatures can breathe a sigh of relief ! And a new lighting/electrical system will help transform the museum into a place you will want to return to . . . time and time again.

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