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Conditions of Entry:
1. Vehicles must be presented in a clean and safe condition.
2. All entrants MUST be insured against third party risks, fully licensed and tested in accordance with the regulations applicable to that type of vehicle for road use. The organizers reserve the right to ask for proof of these items.
3. Steam wagons and engines will only be admitted if the owner can show proof of boiler insurance and annual inspection to the event organizer.
4. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all drivers are fully qualified to drive the class of vehicle exhibited.
5. No exhibit shall be left running unattended. All unattended vehicles must be left securely braked and/or chocked.
6. A speed limit of 10mph shall apply to all vehicles including modern tender vehicles in all rally areas off the highway.
7. Entrants and crew must pay full regard to marshal’s instructions and conduct themselves in a manner which will not inconvenience other road users or persons at any time.
8. The owner of the vehicle may be held responsible for any damages caused by their vehicle whilst participating in this event.
9. Vehicles must not be used to sell merchandise/refreshments/spares of any type. Only entrants who have completed a ‘Rally Stall Form’ will be permitted to trade (Forms are available from the address below).

Please note due to ever rising administration costs there is a registration fee of £2.50 per vehicle which covers free entry to the museum and a hot drink from the café. Payable at registration.

I agree to the terms and conditions above, and that I have appropriate insurance for my vehicle